We'd like to hear from you...

We'd like to hear from you...

David Sylvian

One of Ed's favorite artists.


Opitope is an amazing Japanese ambient duo consisting of Date Tomoyoshi and Chihei Hatakeyama. Ed can't get enough of this music...

Christian Fennesz

Fennesz is an Austrian guitarist turned computer musician.  His music opens the door to an impossible world that's right around the corner from where you live.  Yeah, Ed's intensely into this stuff too.

Begona Olavide

This is deeply beautiful Spanish medieval music, with strong roots in the North African classical tradition.  This music dates back to when the south of Spain was under Islamic rule.  Haunting, mysterious, and magical.  One of Ed's favorite artists.

Royal Hartigan

Royal Hartigan has been plying his own beautiful path somewhere out there under the radar of jazz and world music since, like, forever.  You can hear him on Rudresh Mahanthappa's "Kinsmen" and a bunch of Fred Ho's stuff, but check out his own "Blood Drum Spirit".  Royal's a great drummer, with a beautiful spirit and a great big open mind.

Adam Rudolph

Adam Rudolph lives the world music / jazz nexus like nobody else, and he's a killer hand drummer in more traditions than you can shake a stick at.  Adventure is his middle name.

Nils Petter Molvaer

Yeah, it's dreamy, vibey nu-jazz.  It's easy for this stuff to turn into a lame-o lifestyle accessory, but Molvaer keeps it real.