We'd like to hear from you...

We'd like to hear from you...

Ableton Live

Ed and Jim are deeply into this intuitive, versatile and fun recording software. There is nothing like it.


Some of the most beautiful electric guitars and basses around, and some of the best-sounding tube preamps.

JCR cowbells

There is no more musical cowbell than Caly Rivera's JCR bells, made in his storefront shop in the Bronx since 1972.  Hey, LP's are great, but Caly's bells sing.  Suena la campana!

Mesa Boogie

Some more of the best preamps and amplifiers around.

Spizzichino cymbals

Russell doesn't mess with electrons, he's an analog guy to the core.  You hit it, and a sound comes out - what could be simpler?  He loves Spizzichino cymbals, handmade one at a time by Roberto Spizzichino in his shop in Pescia, Tuscany.