New Underwater Airport Record and April 23 Show

Greetings, Musical Adventurer!  

It's been a while since we last posted to our News page, so we wanted to let you know about our most recent recording, and an upcoming show. 

We evidently aren't the most "marketing" oriented band around, since we actually released our "new" record last November.  But the holidays were right around the corner, and everyone got busy and, well, you probably know how it can be.  So we're just getting around to letting folks know about it now. 

The new record is called "Outside the Linear Time Paradigm."  With 20 tracks, it provides almost 2 hours of sonic exploration. 

You can find it under "Underwater Airport" on all the popular streaming and download services, as well as at CD Baby, where high-quality downloads of all of our records are available for the magical price of $3.33.   

By the way, we haven't made physical CDs since our first release, what with the music distribution model being all disrupted.  But if anyone really, REALLY wants hand-burned CD-Rs, let us know and we'll see what we can do. 

By the way, this is our eighth release, so if you enjoy what we're doing, we invite you to explore the prior ones as well. 

You can also find all of our music on the music store on  Click the link that says Listen + Buy to find all our releases, as well as other projects we are part of.  

But wait, that's not all!  We are putting the finishing touches on yet another -- ambient / no drums -- record from the same session that this new one was recorded at.  We'll let you know when that one launches. 

Now, about the upcoming show.  We'll be back at the great Gulu Gulu Café in historic Salem, MA on Saturday, April 23 from 9 until midnight.  As always, the food and beverages are excellent, and the folks are very friendly.  And it's FREE!

We hope you enjoy the music, and we'd love to see or hear from you...

All the best,

Your friends in Underwater Airport

Jim Whisenant, Lynda Stephens, Marcus Lisle, Peter Spellman and Ed Blomquist